Welcome to Teaching Literature.

Teaching Literature is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a teacher. Being able to share with others the passion, joy, heartbreak, emotion of a book, film, poem etc and the discussion that follows that allow each to share part of themselves is what sets Literature apart from other subjects.

This wiki is dedicated to the sharing of Literature resources. Literature teachers sometimes feel that they are alone, (maybe the only teacher of Literature in their school, resources available for purchase are not as readily available as they are for English and some other subjects). So, here is the foundation for creating a community of Literature teachers where we can share ideas on the teaching of texts, ask questions of each other, share experiences of classroom successes and problems.

I hope you find what you need here, if not then drop a note and I'll see what can be found. And, please feel free to join this wiki so that you too can add your own lesson plans and ideas. The more the merrier!

Remember: the deal is that if you copy a file then over the course of time you will be expected to post a copy of material you use in class so that we grow a wide community of ideas for the teaching of Literature.

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